Jacqueline Pye



For a while I've been working on an online poetry course run by The Writers' Bureau. Now halfway through, latest mark being a B+. Steadily improving. I've developed an interest in form poetry - construction is specified, often in terms of rhying systems, number of stanzas, number of lines per stanza, number of stressed syllables and so on. This means a good deal of work, and takes me ages, but it's very satisfying. Medieval, Italian, Arabic and 'shape' poems as well as others tackled so far, with a number still to have a go at.

Some free verse crops up, too, and I enjoy that although apparently too many unnecessary words are in there which have to be removed. My bookshelf is groaning with poetry books and magazines; I joined The Poetry Society a year or so ago, thinking that it would mean I am a real poet.

As mentioned on another page, I was able to read two of my poems on a heritage bus recently, and hope the approval was genuine! Also started attending the local Stanza poetry group (under auspices of The Society), where - alarmingly - each person brings a poem with a copy for everyone, and *someone else reads it aloud*. Then others make suggestions and give opinions. Currently the group meets at a local vegetarian/vegan community cafe in the evening.

Hoping to either reach a longlist with my work, or have a piece of poetry published, by the end of 2018.