Jacqueline Pye

Other than writing

Just a few words about life outside the writing sphere ...

My current interests include architecture, 19th & 20th century art,

ceramic jugs, jellyfish, art nouveau, visiting museums and galleries,

eating out, theatre, reading contemporary fiction and poetry, and of

course seeing family. I'm a member of Friends of Southampton's

Museums and Galleries, and of The National Trust and English

Heritage. On my cookery bookshelf is the National Trust's Book of

Scones. I run a recipe/food info blog at


and have been a committed vegetarian for 40 years.

A while back I studied for an AS level in Drama & Theatre Studies,

and gained an A grade. My ambition was a part as a duty

solicitor on The Bill, but too late! I'm a great animal lover, a member

of the Bat Conservation Trust and a life member of the British Hedgehog

Preservation Society and of the Vegetarian Society.  

Now can I talk about writing?


Photo:  "Hedgehog" by Justin Beckley